I’m Back!


I’m jumping from 2015 to 2017. A lot has happened and I’m forever grateful for all the blessings I’ve received for the past two years. I’ll definitely try to post more on this site. But for now… it’s just good to be back!




I feel I achieved a lot today. Besides my usual work-out in the morning, I also¬†finished editing the template, cleaning up inactive links, removed expired ads on all 3 sites. Now I lay out plans and blogging routine. It’s indeed a TGIF day!

God Bless.

I’m back!


I’ve decided to retrieve all my blogs and start over. Unfortunately, only 2 blogs are alive out of 3 and they are back from their original domains. When all hopes are down on the 3rd blog, I accidentally found this site and I created long ago. I might as well let go of the 3rd blog and go with this one instead.

So here’s my first entry for 2015.

Hello Blog.

Thin… me?

Saturday… Swimming at Fort Wilhelmina in Bacoor, Cavite.
Sunday… Church, eat lunch and went to Trinoma.
Monday… Went to SIL house in the morning. Dinner out @ 6pm in Bubba Gump, Trinoma. And had to go to work at 9PM.
Tuesday… was forced by my boss to go to work @ 4pm. So no gym for me.

My eyelids are literally dropping due to lack of sleep. But I’ll be going home in a hour so I expect longer hours of sleep and gym time this afternoon. I plan to double the work out this time. And oh! my sister emailed some pictures from last Saturday and my other sisters and myself cannot believe how thin I look like in the picture.

~ Me and my niece. ~

I was holding my niece when my sister–out of nowhere, asked me to smile. Good thing it was a good shot. I’m starting to think that this is the result of my 40 minute treadmill LOL. Howell… this is my very cute niece. We call her shabby-shabby because she’s chubby but her name is Willisa Aiverine, which we sometimes change to Chubby-lisa LOL.

BTW, I still haven’t finished the hosting thingy which leaves me no choice but to seek higher wisdom.

Random thoughts during the wee hours


** I went to the gym again yesterday afternoon and enjoyed a 2-hour-workout. I felt proud when I climb the overpass in Cubao with ease.

** Going to the gym made me cautious on what I eat. I saw the calories I lost when I spend 40 minutes in the treadmill, and then seeing those calories come back when I eat unhealthy food. Nasty.

** Some say that Fit n’ Right drink has more calories which leaves me nothing but water–which is good right.

** Work is still the same besides some changes next week, including my schedule on Monday. I was assigned to go to work as early as 4PM on Monday. Which means, I cannot join the birthday dinner of the SIL’s hubby on the same day. Darn.

** I received an email from PAGE.PH informing me that my account has already been set-up. Oh goodie! Thank you! Thank you PAGE.PH.

** I emailed some friends whose been using WP for a long time, and ask how to go about setting up my account and all. It was harder than I thought. Pulling my hair. I got some advise from aiMzster, a WP user and site also sponsored by PAGE.PH. She pointed me to the right path and I hope can get this done within 3-4days. Tsk!

** I am currently downloading movies on the macho lappy. I don’t know why it’s taking awhile for Hancock to finish up. Maybe the seeder is offline–I dunno. And the Internet connection is quite slow on where I’m at that makes the two other movies I’m downloading is again taking awhile. ETA is 3days! Give a break! But I don’t want to complain because the connection we have is only good for surfing and chatting. Lips are sealed now.

** The little kiddo is crazy about movies! I think we’ve watched Monsters, Inc for 3 consecutive days! I would instantly fall asleep but the little kiddo would point my face at the TV’s direction and say, “Mommy, wake up and watch!”

** Today: Saturday. We’ll be going to Cavite for the kids’ (little kiddo and my niece) swimming time. I hope I have the will power to last for the day.

** I still can’t help but think about the Jansport backpack I want. Tsk. And to think I still need another bag for the macho lappy. Double Tsk.

** I received an email from my two sister abroad and it’s so nice to know that they are doing so well right now. My other sister is eating and sleeping well. Yey!

** I’m STILL waiting for our beach getaway with the L2SMOC’s anniv. Hubby and I plans to bring the little kiddo with us. And I’m so excited.

** Sometimes I think I have soo many things to do, but have soo little time.

** Received this parting quote from my sister A…

“Life can’t give me joy and peace; it’s up to me to WILL IT.
Life just gives me time and space; it’s up to me to FILL IT.”

Good news!


After two days of waiting and waiting… I finally got approved by Page.ph for a site sponsorship. I was thrilled to see a reply from their billing department who broke the news and now asking for my personal information. I quickly replied because this is a chance of a lifetime. You see, I got rejected before because their previous promo on site sponsorship already ended. Good thing, my friend Malen suggested Page.ph again and here I am–jumping for joy!

I know there’s so many things to be do and I hope I can get this site up and running in no time. I’m excited. For now… Thanks PAGE.PH.

Please help


I’m trying to familiarize myself with WP. Trying several widgets here and there but the problem I’m having right now is posting a chat box. I know on BG–just copy paste and you’re done. But here… argh I don’t know why it’s not displaying. I signed-up on Cbox because I saw this from a friend’s blog whose using WP as well. So I thought it would work on mine. Then after 3 days.. I still can’t make the cbox chat box to appear. Please help! You’re help is very much appreciated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I did not go to the gym yesterday because every part of the body is aching. I can’t even climb the stairs properly. But I was able to rest and sleep so I’m ready to hit the gym later this afternoon with my friends.

Another shout out—Today marks the 2nd year of me staying with the company I work with. I still don’t have plans to resign–yet because the pay is good and I have friends here already. If I plan to leave, it’s because I’m leaving the country. Hopefully with my family. I’m keeping my hopes up.



Yesterday, me and my friends had a great at the gym. I was there at 5pm and started my workout at 5:30pm. I enrolled for a month workout and hopefully I could drag my ass there every other day. I plan to go there later, rest tomorrow and go back to the gym on Friday. Hopefully, I’ll wake up early today because I really want to go. Since I’m taking this gym-thing more seriously, I’m thinking of getting myself an extra jogging pants, and a new backpack. Good thing, the MIL gave me two pairs of sports bra.

I weighed myself yesterday and saw that I was 7 lbs lighter. Maybe that’s why my friends were bragging that I lost weight when the only I did was eat less. Yup, only one meal rice a day for me and wow it’s working hahaha.

I intend to invite my dad to try the gym near our workplace. It’s only 1k a month–all access of equipment, rest rooms, water and locker rooms. The place is cozy and clean. Equipments are new and top of the line. And I very much liked it there because it’s not crowded and it’s very near the work place.

I’ll try and do my best to discipline myself this time and document my progress. Let’s see after a month.